Sunday, August 24, 2014

That was a summer, alright.

Tonight basically capped-off the summer for yours-truly: a majestic hunk of steak, grilled on a hot barbecue, accompanied by corn, potatoes, and of course beers and cigars.

As my teacher-pal and I shot the bull, we both realized that, yup, it was back to the ol' grind. But that's alright because...
  1. They pay us to work.
  2. It's always an interesting challenge, this teaching thing.
  3. Colleagues are fun, usually.
  4. We can steal some more red pens.
I kid, I kid... the school board buys such crappy red pens, they're not worth stealing. Staples, baby -- dozen-boxes of Bic Ultra, something like $2.50? Can't say no to that.

(Besides, I usually mark in green.)

The summer was a good one. I seemed to have a better mix of in-town stuff and trips outta-town this year than in others, but still managed to get out-and-about and see some ball games, visit family, and generally goof-off in enjoyable ways.

But, alas, it has come to an end yet again. In a way it's easier to get together when it's not summertime -- people often aren't around when you want to put something together, or want to hang out, or whatnot. But in September onwards, chances are you aren't going to be jetting off somewhere for two weeks, unless you're one of those bastards that actually gets to choose when they take their holidays.

(Not flying and/or staying in hotels during peak travel season? What's that like?!)

In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrasts.

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