Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Apparently I'm in the minority here.

...which is a weird thing for a white, straight, English-speaking male to be saying, I fully realize.

I've been to a lot of baseball games. I don't know if it's more or less than the average person attending a professional game -- on the one hand, I'm a big fan; on the other, I spent a good deal of my life nowhere close to a stadium. But what I do know is when we're at important parts of games; it's a full count and the bases are loaded and it's a tie game and the world is ending or something.

Consequently, I don't need the scoreboard to tell me to MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!. Firstly, I'm not the scream-and-yell type, unless something actually deserves it ("You suck, Jeter!"). But, more importantly, I know when to make damn noise. Putting this up on the scoreboard in the fourth inning of a game with a 2-1 count with the bases empty and one out and our team up by three does not make me want to make the aforementioned sounds.

To SkyDome's credit (and yes, I still refuse to refer to it by its corporate name), they've done a hell of a lot less of this lately. It's a much better atmosphere in there these days, in comparison to the days where every. single. foul. ball. was accompanied by the sound of glass breaking, for example. Comerica Park in Detroit, home of my boys the Tigers? Eh, not so much.

So, I wrote to the Tigers telling them as such.

First off: lifelong Tiger fan, attend several games per year, if I ever got a tattoo it'd be an Olde English D.

I live in Toronto these days and attend many games at SkyDome, and in recent years they've really scaled back the scoreboard/PA sound effects, urgings to "Make Some Noise!" and the like. It used to be really obnoxious... but they've done a great job, and fans legitimately know when to cheer.So when I attend games at Comerica and are constantly subjected to these requests, I find it really detracts from my enjoyment of the game. Perhaps some fans enjoy hearing the [Harry Belafonte] "Day-O" clip, but I believe I heard it quite enough, thanks.

That said, I'll still go to Tiger games, don't you worry. It's a bit of a drive from Toronto, but I'll make it.

Go Tigers,

To my mild surprise, they wrote back. To my mild dismay, they ain't changin'.


Thank you for your email and interest in the Detroit Tigers.

We are so happy to hear of your dedication to the team.

We will consider your request for the scoreboard. We do get a lot of compliments that fans like the atmosphere when the scoreboard prompts them to cheer. We understand we can't please every fan, every moment, but we strive to do our best.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Really? People write into the Tigers saying, "Ooooh, we love it when you tell us mindless idiot drones when to cheer! It makes us feel amazing! Wheeeee!" I find that somewhat surprising if it's true, and somewhat dubious overall. But hey, maybe I'm truly in the minority here.

That being said, Tigers/Jays at the Dome next week, four games. You know where to find me.

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