Thursday, November 27, 2014

These songs, I like.

I hate most music.


I dislike most music. "Hate" is a pretty strong word. (It applies to the works of Nickelback, though, obviously.)

But J, you ask, why do you always have to be such a prick about this shit?

Because I likes what I likes, and I'm nerdy about things, so go start your own blog if your knickers are in a twist already.

Without further made-up ado, here are some songs.

1. Fleetwood Mac -- "Albatross"

Yes, all the videos of this on YouTube are littered with fucking pictures of fucking albatrosses. Which is annoying. But, on to the music.

The word that first came to mind when I heard this song was "smoky." If we know three songs from the Mac, they're from the late '70s when it was all Rumours and whatnot. But this was from an earlier version of the band, which was very bluesy indeed. (And you know how I feel about instrumentals.)

2. Jimi Hendrix -- "Hey Joe" (live)

The studio version of this song is a little higher-pitched, which meant Jimi had to strain a bit to make the high notes. It added a sense of urgency to the lyrics, as if he himself was a witness to Joe's murderous acts.

This, however, gets coloured entirely differently. This live version sits down a couple of semi-tones, and Jimi's vocal delivery is much more relaxed. Instead of witnessing the murder, it feels like he's coolly retelling the story around a living room, with an air of detachment. Did he know Joe well? Did he know Joe's "old lady" at all? There's a mystery here which isn't in the studio version.

(And, yes, he plays the guitar with his face and behind his head, too. But whatever, it's showmanship, and the dude had an otherworldly talent with the instrument, and yes, I think he might have been an alien.)

3. Wang Chung -- "Everybody Have Fun Tonight"

Look, it can't all be guitar nerdery around here. Gotta keep it light.

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