Thursday, November 26, 2015

I am so... burnt... out.

These are the dog-days of fall.

We've been going hard every day, week after week, with one holiday and one PD day, since Labour Day. It's been three months.

And my brain is friiiiiiiiiiiiied.

I even contemplating playing hooky tomorrow, cashing in a fake sick-day, to just stay home, maybe catch up on some marking, and to just give my brain a break. But I ended up not doing it. Haven't done it in 13 years of teaching, and may never do it. We'll see.

My grade 12 physics classes are a bunch of whiners. "Ohhhhh, siirrrrrrrrr, can we pleeeeeeeeease have the quiz tomorrow instead?" My grade 9 science class is mostly okay, except when it's overrun with female-centered drama and this one kid, T, isn't driving me and everyone else in the room absolutely insane.

(I've taught far worse kids than T over the years -- he's actually a funny, interesting kid who's moderately good at science, but holy hell. He can NOT sit still for more than five seconds, asks me questions as if we're the only two people in the room, and says really off-colour things to other people in the class, often not realizing they're off-colour, and this gets other people cranked-up. Countin' down the days with him, that's for sure.)

Plus, my dating life couldn't be going more horribly if I'd purposely set out to make it more horrible. I finally managed to have a nice time with someone on Tuesday... and, as it turns out, she's a pharmacist in the doctor's office in which I'm a patient, and to do anything, she claims, would be a conflict of interest. (We'd never met in person, probably have never seen each other at the hospital, and probably never will.) Or, maybe that's just her creative way to say she's not interested in me. Either way, bleh.

And, I'm turning 38 on Monday, if all that wasn't bad enough.

Hot damn, maybe I really should've taken tomorrow off.

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