Monday, September 1, 2014

Schoooool's back... for... the faaaalllll.

Well, it begins again.

I had to count 'em up a few days ago to figure out exactly how many times I've done this -- sit at home on the night before the first day of school -- and this marks a full baker's dozen.

As always, there are interesting challenges, both with colleagues and with kids. We lost some good people from the school, and we managed to get a few back that we thought were goners. We've even got a new principal for the first time since Jean Chretien was Prime Minister. (I had to look that up just to double-check. Wow.)

My schedule this semester... well, friend, it's pretty good. And I don't have it just because (a.) I make the schedule for the department and (b.) my second-semester Grade 9's from last year were god damn insane. No, friends, it's because (a.) I always do the Gr12 Earth and Space Science class, and (b.) having me do both Gr12 Physics made the most sense for the rest of the department, timetable-wise.


At any rate... it's going to be good to be back.

One thing I did give myself in the timetable, because it's the way I like things, is the lack of a home-form classroom. You see, on odd-numbered days of the calendar, it's a Day 1, and the class you have first that day is your "home form." So, if there's crap to give out to kids or collect from them, if there's an assembly that yanks your class inconveniently away, if there's stupid stuff you gotta do that is just a royal pain in the ass, it's gonna be with these people. We teach three out of four periods in the day, and if I have period 1 off, that really helps me.

(Plus, as one of the department heads, there's a 50% chance I'm going to be off in first period, and if there's stupid crap happening like a supply teacher not showing up, or a teacher who's away hasn't left their lesson plans anywhere we can find them (or indeed anywhere at all (and yes, that happens)), I feel like it's part of my job to solve problems like this. But I gotta say, if the shit's hitting the fan and it's a Day 2, I can pull the, "Whoops, can't help out here, gotta go to class!" card, and that's pretty fun.)

But... 6:20 am.


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