Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Prince Fielder, we hardly knew ye.

Personally, I always really liked the guy. Stand-up fella.

But, trading Fielder to Texas for 2B Ian Kinsler opens up some interesting options. Consider...
  • Cabrera can be moved back to 1B, where he's a decent fielder (unlike, well, Fielder). He's better at 3B than people give him credit for, but let's face it, Prince was a modern-day Dr. Strangeglove.
  • This also allows Victor Martinez to put in some time at 1B, if Cabrera shifts back to third or DHs for a game; V-Mart showed himself to actually be a pretty nimble defensive first baseman in limited time there this year. (He wasn't much of a catcher, admittedly.)
  • The elephant in the room, of course, is Nick Castellanos. From all reports, he wasn't ready to make the move from 3B to the outfield anytime soon, despite spending most of his time in LF this year in both Toledo and Detroit. Having him at his natural position makes everybody breathe a little easier, not in the least being Dave Dombrowski.
  • What to make of Omar Infante, then? He's got a little pop, and plays solid defence at second... but, of course, his contract is up and he's a free agent. Do they re-sign him and plug him in at third, to buy time until Castellanos proves he's a ready-for-prime-time player? My guess is no, because Infante's too valuable on the open market. Someone's gonna snap him up, and that someone isn't Detroit.
  • The Tigers just put Jordan Lennerton on the 40-man roster. I saw him this summer in Toledo, albeit briefly, but he seemed to carry himself pretty well. (He's Canadian, too.) He's not what you'd call a prospect per se, but DD must see some sort of future for him, and he knows the game pretty well.
Add to this the fact that, over the weekend, I bought planet tickets and reserved both hotel and car for a Florida spring training trip in March, and... baseball's back, baby!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The mayor, continued.

Well, Mayor McCheese has decided to stick around, "move forward," and not go anywhere.

It's inconceivable that he wins next year; Fordites have been interviewed all over the place, and a lot of 'em are of the opinion of, "Well, I support him, but he should take a leave of absence, at the very least."

Council -- even his traditional allies -- turned against him months ago. He couldn't get an agenda through 100 Queen West if he put it in the back of a dump truck and rammed through the front doors. And, he's an international embarassment.

But no, there were the Brothers Ford this afternoon on CFRB, on their weekly straight-to-the-taxpayers media outlet, proudly stating that Mayor Fat Fuck isn't going anywhere. Furthermore, they thanked all the people who have called or written to them and offered support.

* * * * * * *

Look, there are plenty of things that I dislike which, apparently, lots of other people love:
  • seafood
  • Nickelback
  • Japanese cars
  • dumb blockbuster movies
And I can see why someone might find each of those things appealing, for the most part. Hell, I can even see why someone might like Stephen Harper, at least on the surface. That's because each of the items listed above does have, even if it's hard to see, some sort of redeeming quality which outweighs all the other negatives.

Rob Ford, on the other hand... well, I can see how his "I fight for the little guy" rhetoric could be appealing. But then when you look at all the horrible stuff he's said and done over the past couple of decades, (a.) it easily outweighs any sort of oft-trotted-out platitudes he trumpets every chance he gets, and (b.) even if he does do as he says, you can't help but question plenty of other choices he's made in his life with clearly hamper his ability to be a successful office-holder.

Last night at a banquet dinner for our slo-pitch team, I sat with a teammate -- a Toronto police officer who works in Etobicoke, no less -- and we came up with a list of easily 15 really big, really public, really awful things that Ford has done. And we just sorta shook our heads and pronounced ourselves amazed that this guy is (still) the mayor of the fourth-largest city in North America.