Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Tiger bullpen.

Spring Training has started, and there isn't anyone more excited about it than yours-truly.

The focus today will be on the bullpen. Generally it's been a mess, but GM "Dashing" Dave Dombrowski has taken an interesting approach. I call it the Shotgun Method: sign as many 100-to-1 chances as you can and, shit, one of 'em has to pan-out, right?

Tom "Gorzo" Gorzelanny
Can start and relieve; might be useful for a doubleheader, without having to resort to calling up a kid from Toledo (or, as Buck Farmer showed, much lower down than that). Lots of MLB experience; should be a lock for the 'pen.

Joel "Joey-Han" Hanrahan
Still a bit of a reclamation project; injured all last year, and apparently wasn't feeling 100% in a workout yesterday. If he can stay healthy, he can contribute. We'll see.

Josh "Big Z" Zeid
He's coming off surgery which fixed the same broken bone in each foot. How the hell do you break the same bone in each foot?! You couldn't do that if you tried. Anyway, you need your feet for baseball, so hopefully he regains his form.

Alex "Mr." Wilson
Came over in the Cespedes trade, and has been lights-out at times with Boston. Could be a sleeper-success this year, or could fuck up his arm tomorrow and be done with the game forever.

Omar "Duran" Duran
He's kicked around the low minors for a while; 24 years old and has 11 appearances above high-A. But if DD thinks there's something there, there's likely something there... even though, after staring at his stats for a good long while, I can't imagine what the hell he sees.

These are, of course, all new signees -- and this list is far from complete. In addition, you have guys who were in the system last year who may be able to contribute, too: Farmer (who is now going to be a reliever for the time being), Luke Putkonen, the return of Bruce Rondon, Chad Smith (who also drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, if I'm not mistaken), Kyle Ryan, and maybe one last crack at it for Ian Krol.