Sunday, April 27, 2014


At dinner with a friend last night, we debated the idea of age, as we often do; she's a few years younger than me, and often reminds me of this. But, if you do the math, any difference in ages, percentage-wise, becomes less and less significant as the two of you get older.

(Sixty year old man with a fifty year old woman? Fine. Twenty-five year old guy with a fifteen year old girl? I think you see my point.)

Two things came to mind.

One, is there an "ideal age" for either gender? I think there's a magic age that a lot of people try to shoot for, in terms of how they act and dress, where they hang out, and what they secretly (or not-so-secretly) pine for. I'd suggest that for women that age is around 26, and for guys it's 19. I'm painting with a broad brush here, obviously.

Two, a bit that Louis CK has done recently rings very, very true: older people are smarter. I'll just let you watch him say it, because he says it better than I ever could. I've shown this to a class of mine recently (and apologized for the cuss words near the end), and they get it.

The moral of the story is this: getting older is a mixed blessing. But then again, so are most things in life.