Thursday, June 4, 2015

Aw, that was a dumb post.

You see that gibberish I wrote below, just now? That was shit. I owe you more.

Here are some songs I like.

1. Dave Mason -- "Only You Know And I Know"

He was in Traffic with Steve Winwood, and released an excellent solo album, Alone Together. Definitely one of the underrated albums of the 1970s. Speaking of Mr. Winwood...

2. Steve Winwood -- "While You See A Chance"

Look, I know, I know. But, please just try to ignore the awful 1980 synthesizers and focus on the song, will ya? Also, keep in mind that Steve played all the instruments on this entire album... and engineered it, and mixed it. Talk about a solo album!

3. Lenny Kravitz -- "It Ain't Over Til It's Over"

Another guy who routinely plays all the instruments on his songs is Mr. Kravitz, although I believe he had a band behind him on this single. I remember seeing the Mama Said album in a Zellers when I was in high school, when it was new, but didn't buy it. I occasionally wonder how my musical tastes would've been shaped if I'd bought that album at 14, rather than at 21-ish.

4. Bob Dylan -- "Girl From The North Country"

I can only seem to find this alternate take from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan sessions on YouTube; maybe Mr. Zimmerman is a little freaky about copyright. Anyway, this version is just as raw and haunting, and makes me leery of dating women from, say, Muskoka.

5. Blitzen Trapper -- "Wild Mountain Nation"

I first heard the Trappers while listening to KEXP, my favourite indie rock station from the Pacific Northwest. I stopped what I was doing -- probably making sweet love to your mom, let's face it -- and hopped on their website to find out who the hell this tornado of twang was. I'm sure glad I did.

There. Now I feel better.

Oh my.


I seem to have gone the entire month of May without writing anything. According to my records, it'd be the first time since 2004 -- i.e., before having a forum like this -- that I've skipped a month.

That's bad. Real bad.

Well, in my defence, I was busy. I was coaching baseball, putting out union-based fires of all kinds, rebuilding computers, going on roadtrips, going on first dates (without many second dates), avoiding marking like the plague, and taking some well-earned naps in there somewhere.

But, it's not much of a defence, is it? Guy like Bill Gates, he probably only gets about four hours' sleep a night. Then again, guy like Bill Gates, he probably has his own fleet of private planes, so I guess he can go fuck himself and I can take a month off.

Truth be told, not a whole lot is happening.

Oh, I bought a couch and loveseat. No more leather for this guy. Cloth, all the way.

I got a haircut a few days ago. Very aerodynamic.

Figured out how to replace an LCD screen in an old HP netbook that I'm trying to revive for work. We'll see how that goes.



Frankie Boyle is still funny.

The Detroit Tigers are still frustrating. Ugh.

Our slo-pitch softball team is still winless.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.