Friday, February 10, 2017

"I'm going to be so presidential, you will be so bored."

(That was Candidate Trump a few months ago, to a reporter. I believe this was just after he secured the Republican nomination.)

We're not even a month into the Trump presidency, and the wheels, while not coming off quite yet, are starting to wobble and shake. (I feel like there's a "loose nuts" joke to be made here somewhere.)

It's getting bad out there, though. Hell, Jason Chaffetz -- a Republican member of the House from Utah -- went back to his district ("the fightin' 3rd!") for a town hall meeting at a local high school auditorium, and the dude was nearly shouted down off the stage. Utah, for crying out loud! If that state was any redder, it... uh... would be very red, I guess.

Just saying, Utah is extremely Republican.

And this reaction was unexpected. To me, anyway.

But I digress.

So far, Captain Dickweed has managed to annoy several countries, ban a lot of Muslims from entering the country (but, remember, (a.) Sean Spicer says it's not a "ban," and (b.) no citizen of any country featuring a fabulous TrumpTM brand property will have any problem sailing right through customs), play some golf, have his spokespeople get made fun of on SNL constantly -- you know he watches every week, he's gotta -- and turn the US into an international laughingstock.

It's gonna be so hard to bite my tongue when I'm in Florida next month. It really is. If I chat up some locals, I think I'll just ask them, "So, Trump. Your thoughts?" -- and then say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN RETURN, and wear the BLANKEST POSSIBLE EXPRESSION I CAN. You know, the kind of expression when a student asks an exceptionally dumb question, but you don't want to make them feel terrible, so as they continue to ask their dumb question you're trying to look as neutral as you can? Yeah, that one.

I still stand by my prediction that he won't be president on January 1, 2019. Drinkin' Buddy Dave and I have a bet on this, and there's a cool hundred bucks riding on it. Totally gonna collect on it, too. (We've decided that, if the change-over of power day is that day, we'll call it a push and we'll each get our money back.) Hell, DBD was going to give me odds on it. I told him to shove his odds where the sun don't shine. Then, I believe we cracked another beer.

Because, really, these days, that's about all you can do. (That, and go to protests and write your member of Congress and engage with your fellow citizens and support the causes you feel need supporting and for crying out loud don't grab anyone by the pussy.)