Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rumblin' along quite nicely, thanks.

Some items of note.

1. Over the break I visited a record store in Woodstock, Record Works. Great stuff there, solid selection, good prices, and most of all, it smells like a used record store. You know that smell -- slightly dusty, like the album cover of your parents' copy of Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-75 (you know, the one with the blue cover). Definitely going back there whenever I'm passing through. Finally got around to playing Double Fantasy by Lennon/Ono... meh. Not terribly thrilling. At least Yoko's songs weren't that bad.

2. Can anyone stop thes Carolina Panthers? Good gravy, they're terrifying. Currently laying waste to the Seahawks; not yet four minutes into the first quarter and they're up 13-0 (extra point to come) after picking off Russell Wilson, after being pressured by their O-line into rushing a pass. And the extra point is good.

3. I've lived a 3-minute walk from a Pizza Hut takeout location for almost ten years. This past week I got food from them for the second time. I mean, it was alright, and the same greasy pizza you've known all your life, but yeah, you can't beat the convenience.

4. I do most of my grocery shopping at Food Basics at East York Town Centre (in the middle of the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhod, amongst a sea of high-rises and a lot of very new Canadians). Normally I'm in there on my way home from work, and I'm usually the only white guy in the place (so it feels like I'm still at work, hey-oo)... but I was in there this morning (Sunday) at about 10:30, and it was about 3/4 white people! It was freaky. I think I saw maybe two hijabs in the whole place. Imagine going to your neighbourhood pub at a slightly different time and having it packed full of, I dunno, nuns.

5. I'm really glad I made (and paid for) hotel reservations for our March Break roadtrip to Florida back when the Canadian dollar was slightly less terrible. YIKES. Actually, an idea just popped into my head just now: wouldn't it be fun to make up "Florida Spring Training Roadtrip 2016" t-shirts for the bro and I? Answer: yes, it would. Hmmmmm. Will look into this.

6. Six more days' worth of classes with my curent kiddies, before exams. It's been a good semester, all in all; two gr12 physics have been fun, and we've actually managed to get right to the end of the modern physics unit for the second time ever in my career. My gr9 science class, well... it's sad that I have about four kids who are nowhere near getting the credit, but when you (a.) show up to school once every two weeks, and/or (b.) are so weak academically you should never have been in this class to begin with, what am I supposed to do? The saving grace is that I have several kids who are repeating the course who will get the credit this time around (some easily, some just barely).

See? It's been ever-so-exciting.