Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Assorted things.

That's a tough situation over there in Nepal right now, for sure.

One of my childhood heroes, Detroit Tigers outfielder Kirk Gibson, has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  Here's hoping he stays healthy for a long time; Michael J. Fox got diagnosed 24 years ago, and he's had to cut back some on his acting, but has stayed relatively healthy since.

The baseball season at the ol' schoolhouse starts on Friday. We play 8 games, in the form of four doubleheaders. It means less hassle in terms of arranging coverage for when I'm out of the school... but, the nice thing is that my afternoon classe ends on Friday (the IB's have their exams in May and don't go to classes during that time in their grade 12 year), so that's one less group of kids to have to worry about. My morning classes are both grade 9's, and since they're in the Ecology unit... well, here's some BBC: Life videos for ya! (N.B. they are actually excellent and line up nicely with our curriculum, lest you think I'm a slacker).

I hate Windows.

Getting nice out there.

Thank you, Revenue Canada, for fucking up and telling some people the tax deadline was May 5. They've decided to actually move the deadline back to May 5 from April 30. Hooray!

Saw the Kids in the Hall's live show this past Saturday night. AMAZING.

Trailer Park Boys is still funny as hell.

I liked Bill Blair. Carding is complicated, and I don't claim to understand the entire process, and it could've been more transparent (e.g. giving people receipts), but overall he did a solid job. Here's hoping his attempt at federal politics is successful.

Where are Biggie and Tupac? They're still around, I know they are.

I hope this is the summer I finally get off my ass and do some biking. I'll stick to ravines and trails, because frankly, biking on the streets in this town would scare the daylights out of me.

Alright, I'm done.

For now.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My right shoulder.

The first summer I played baseball was the year I was 7, turning 8 in the fall, so that would make it 1985. The summer of 2015 is coming up; if I'd played every single summer of my life, that would mean I'd have already played 30 summers.

If memory serves, I had one year in high school where I didn't play, and I think two of the summers in which I was at Waterloo were baseball-free; just before teaching (2000) was another, my first year in grad school ('04), and that's about it. Every other summer I've played either softball or baseball -- plus essentially year-round the past two years.

My shoulder hurts when I throw now.

It started last summer; when I would play catch before a game, I just couldn't get loose. My first few throws, my shoulder would feel tight, as per normal, but usually when you get things going, that goes away. But there were a few times where, despite warming up for 5-10 minutes -- normally plenty of time to get warmed up and feel good -- it just wouldn't comply.

Nowadays, it's unusual if my shoulder feels good as a game starts, rather than the other way around. It's a pain and tightness in the front of the joint that won't go away. For normal, everyday activities, I'm fine, so it's no big deal most of the time.

But, I gotta wonder if 30-ish years of a lot of throwing aren't taking their toll. I've always prided myself on having a pretty good throwing arm, but maybe there are only so many bullets in this gun.

Friday, April 3, 2015

There are a lot of Jims out there.

Noticed this while perusing clips from The Late Late Show with James Corden, and updated to reflect Colbert's future takeover from Letterman (not that it makes a difference to this table)...

Major-Network Talk Show Hosts' First Names
Network11:30 Host12:30 Host

* This is filled with Nightline, a news show. Doesn't really fit in with the others. But, if it's ever hosted by a Jim/James/Jimmy, colour me unsurprised in advance.

Also, hooray for white dudes!