Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump's presidency so far? Tremendous.

(He apparently has a thing for three-syllable superlatives.)

I was watching This Week on ABC just now, and part of the political round-table discussion was a guy who worked on the Trump campaign as a strategist. Captain Cheeto mentioned him in a tweet this morning as being a stand-up guy... but really, these days, does anyone want The Orange One's endorsement in any way, shape or form? I sure wouldn't.

Anyway, this Republican strategist, who made great pains to mention that he doesn't spend much time inside the Beltway these days, called for people to ratchet-down the rhetoric. "When you get called a 'traitor,' that's when people start buying guns and finding out where you live."

Ya don't say.

Who was the group of people screaming for months during the campaign, "Lock her up!"? Who promised to have some sort of "special prosecutor" to find out exactly how illegal Ms. Clinton's dealings were? Who personally encouraged violence against protestors at his campaign rallies? The list goes on.

I thought it was pretty rich for this guy, Michael Caputo -- who, as he never mentioned, actually has ties going back years to Vladimir Putin himself (you can't make this stuff up, people), and certainly an architect of at least some of the vitriol thrown around by the Trump campaign during that bewildering and disquieting campaign of 2016 -- to be calling for calm.

It's a little different when they're calling for your head on a pike, isn't it, buddy?

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